This Unique Airbnb Has Guests Staying In A Giant Potato

Guests looking for a unique place to stay and vacation, can now stay in a unique Airbnb that shaped like a giant Idaho potato.

By NathanG on April 24, 2019
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Looking for your next Airbnb stay? Guests can try this unique Airbnb, that’s inside a giant potato.

According to VT, this Airbnb is, unsurprisingly, located in the potato capital of the U.S., Idaho. A stay in this giant potato will reportedly cost $200 a night. As  you might guess, the giant potato is actually not a real potato, but is a steel, plaster, and concrete structure. The giant brown Airbnb is also nestled in the middle of a field, with views glimpsing the Owyhee Mountains in Boise, Idaho.

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The interior of the potato boasts a modern and stylish decor. Featuring a potato-esque color scheme, the Airbnb includes a queen-sized bed for two and cozy chairs under a stylish chandelier. It also features a small bathroom, kitchen area, fireplace and air conditioning. The giant spud originally began its life as a mobile attraction to garner attention for Idaho potatoes. After several years of touring the U.S., the potato was finally converted to its present-day Airbnb form.

Would you stay in this potato-themed palace?

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