Two Bored Teens Break Into High School

Two 19 year olds were arrested after breaking into a high school because they were bored, and had nothing else to do in their town.

By DAVID on August 23, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

You KNOW they’ve got to be bored if they’re breaking IN to school. These two say there was nothing else to do in town, so that’s their reason.

Not only did one of these 19-year-olds break in, he left, and then came back with a buddy. Owen Shearman broke into the school early Sunday. He threw a propane tank through a window and opened a door. Once he got in, he left to go get his pal, Christopher Fetterman. Upon their return to the now open school, they had a little fun. The two sprayed the fire extinguishers, and stole some equipment. 9 laptops, and some glass beakers and scales from a science lab. Some class-A individuals there.

Police reviewing the security cameras were able to quickly identify one of the teens. How? Glad you asked, sit down for this. Police identified Owen because they had arrested him before – and he was wearing the same clothes in the surveillance video. Not sure if he was arrested earlier that night, or if he just never changes, but there you go. Police eventually caught up with the two who admitted to the break in. They later told police where all the stolen things were, and police were able to recover all of it. Theis reason for breaking into the school was because they were bored, and “there was nothing to do in this town.”

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