Twitter User Posts Picture Of Candy Cane Pizza And DiGiorno Isn’t Having It

Is a pepperoni pizza just too much to ask?

By Admin on December 11, 2017
WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 17: Love Kitchen Road Manager Doug Ruthven slices a pizza, made by the mobile kitchen, for distribution in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs building September 17, 2007 in Washington, DC. The Love Kitchen was in town to provide hot pizza meals to homeless people including homeless veterans. Little Caesar's founder Michael Ilitch was awarded with the Secretary's Award Monday by the Department of Veterans Affairs to recognize his support of veterans.
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

For some reason, people love to add weird, disgusting toppings on pizza. (We’re looking at you strawberries). It’s become a viral sensation.

David Sanchez of Chicago, Illinois has apparently jumped on this list when he posted a picture of a DiGiorno pizza topped with candy canes and Christmas candy.

It didn’t take long for the responses and GIFs to start rolling in, and they were priceless:

However, when DiGiorno caught wind of this news. They had to jump on the case:

Whatever happened to just pepperoni and olives?

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