Touring With Ed Sheeran Is Boring

Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and going on tour with him sounds fun, but according to an insider it’s really plain.

By DAVID on April 25, 2018
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Going on tour with a huge star like Ed Sheeran might sound like fun nights full of parties and staying up way past midnight. Truthfully though, at least according to Ed’s cousin, Ed’s touring lifestyle is pretty boring. Murray Cummings is Ed’s cousin-turned-tour videographer, and he’s got the inside scoop.

We’ve all heard stories about artists going on tour. There is always talk of wild parties, lots of drinks, a mess of food thrown around a room, and probably various drugs, too. Ed Sheeran has a sort of different approach to his lifestyle when he goes on tour. The lifestyle is nothing like what we saw in the movie “Almost Famous” either. Murray used to direct music videos, but has since left that industry, at least for a little bit, while filming a documentary on Ed Sheeran. That documentary is now screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Murray has been filming for years, and has known Ed for all of his life.

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Murray says that when Ed is done performing a stop on his tour, he tends to just isolate himself. Specifically, he and Murray grab some cheese and wine and relax a bit. It’s a “not very rock ‘n roll at all” type of retreat. We totally understand that too, since Ed seemed to “grow up” pretty quickly. Ed is one of the world’s largest pop stars, but he’s a responsible and humble guy who’s ready to settle down in life. What do Ed and Murray do while eating cheese and drinking wine? They watch episodes of “The Simpsons” of course. Who doesn’t? (lol)

The documentary is meant to be a look at Ed Sheeran’s life from the eyes of how Murray sees him. Translation, “I just wanted to show the Ed that I see every day,” he says. Murray wants to show the behind-the-scenes work, the writing, the planning. Ed approves, and he says that his favorite part of the documentary is “the parts that I don’t remember [Murray] filming, if that makes sense… Murray’s very good at blending in while I’m working. So [watching it is] kinda like a blast from the past.” We can’t wait to see it. See the full interview with Murray here.

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