Top Jobs For Lazy People

By djsheryl on September 9, 2021
(Photo by Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Zippia website just published a list of the best jobs for lazy people. No offense if your job is on this list. It doesn’t mean YOU are lazy…..just that your job would be a good way for a lazy person to make a living. If you are trying to help a lazy friend get a job, here you go…..

1.  Security Guard.  But only if it’s at a place no one would actually want to rob, especially if they have security cameras you can watch from a comfy seat.


2.  House Sitter.  If you’re trustworthy, people pay good money for you to take care of their house when they’re away.  You might have to do a chore or two….and maybe feed a pet, but still…..easy way to get paid….and if there’s a pool…bonus!


3.  Mystery Shopper.  Do you like to shop? Imagine getting paid to shop at stores you’re already in anyway. I still can’t bel.ieve this is an actual, legit job!


4. TV or Film Critic.  Not sure how you actually GET this job., but once you have it, you’re just watching tv shows & movies all day. I feel like 2020 trained me very well for this job! LOL


5. Video Game Tester.  OK, some games are stressful, but getting paid to sit on the couch and play games all day. That’s living the dream!


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