Top Items Couples Regret Leaving off Their Wedding Registry

By darik on October 2, 2019
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The number 1 regret on this list for couples was not registering for a robotic vacuum. I personally couldn’t care less about a registry. I’ll happily take cash, but apparently some people find it tacky and in poor taste.

Top Ten Gifts Couples Regret Not Registering For

  1. Robotic vacuum cleaner (58%)
  2. Air fryer (48%)
  3. Lawn equipment (47%)
  4. Food saver/vacuum seal system (38%)
  5. Barbecue grill (37%)
  6. Luggage (34%)
  7. Bread maker (31%)
  8. Stand mixer (27%)
  9. Food processor (26%)
  10. Tools (26%)

One registry item that seems to be up for debate is money. While 66% of people say registering for money is fine, 34% find it tacky and in poor taste. Overall, 46% of couples say they registered for money, and of those folks, 45% used it for general use, while 31% used it for their honeymoon, and 10% used it for a down payment on a house.

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Source:Yahoo Finance

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