Top 15 'Basic Human Rights' We All Want

By Admin on October 16, 2018

It’s 2018, the future is here, but in 2018 we all have varying rights depending on where we are located on Earth. SWNS did a survey of people’s opinion on basic human rights that everyone should have. The study surveyed people in the UK, and the results are pretty funny. I’ve highlighted my favorites.

Here are the Top 15 ‘Basic Human Rights’ We All Want:

1. Access to water
2. The right to a fair trial
3. Freedom of speech
4. Access to free healthcare
5. Access to shelter
6. To be able to marry whoever you want (duh! Cmon!)
7. To be loved
8. A pension
9. A seat on a train
10. Free Wi-Fi
11. To have a job
12. The right to have your rubbish collected on schedule
13. To be able to retire early
14. Mobile phone charging points in public areas
15. To not be judged for being a meat-eater

Gold right!? There are 20 more at

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