Top 10 CA State Fair Foods | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on July 17, 2019

Some people go for the rides, others concerts, we go for THE FOOD!  Amanda remembers fondly going to the State Fair as a child and getting so excited to have a funnel cake and then tried to make them herself at home. Darik loves the gigantic turkey legs because them make him feel like he lived during the Renaissance. 

Fair food has come a long way baby!  Now there are gourmet tacos, chocolate covered bacon, and fried pie! This year you can eat your way through the CA State Fair with the brand new Food Festival Pass.  Pick 4 items from over 30 different vendors for $28.  It’s going on now through July 28th. 

Top Ten BEST Fair foods at the California State Fair. 

  1. 1. Bacon Pecan Cinnamon Roll (Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls)

    This is a MUST try.  We all know that bacon makes everything better, add that to a divine cinnamon roll are you are in heaven! It’s so good that it wonBest of show, best of Division – Gold for Dessert!   Its large, and obviously very caloric.  But it’s a must try! At  least get one, split it with your family, maybe even bring some of it home for breakfast the next day.   
    2. Hawaiian Chicken in a Carved Pineapple 
     (The Bacon Habit)

    Rice and grilled chicken in a pineapple! Yum! They carve out a real pineapple, turn it into a bowl, and fill it with grilled chicken, rice, and bite size pineapple! It makes a great Instagram moment. The Sac Bee gave this dish a 5/5. 
    3. Grizzly Mac Attack (Montana Barbecue)

    This is is more then a meal, it’s an expeirence.  It’s Mac-n-Cheese topped with sweet BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw! Hey mom, it’s healthy, there are veggies!    

    4. Cap’n Crunch Chicken Sliders (Boss Burger) 

    5. Hot Cheeto Chicken Burrito

    6. Vegan Options!  Vegan Philly Cheesesteak & Frik’n Vegan Nachos (Frik’n Vegan)

    7. Burn Tri Tip Ends Sandwich

    8. Jalapeno Bacon Jumbo Corndog (Rainbow’s End & Candytown)

    9 Spicy Chocolate Covered Bacon (The Bacon Habit)

    Savory, Sweet, and Spicy all in one!  Sac Bee gave this one a  4/5 

    10. Deep Fried Caramel Apple Pie (J&L Sweeties) Gold for Fried

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