Toddler Born Without Portion Of Arm Meets Adult With Same Condition

A one-year-old named Joseph was born without a portion of his arm, and when he meets an adult with the same condition, they make an adorable instant connection.

By DAVID on November 2, 2018
(Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

I’m not crying, you’re crying! This toddler, named Joseph Tidd from Florida, is just one year old. He was born without a portion of his arm, and met an adult with the same condition. He reacted is SUCH an adorable way.

Amy Siesel is a 34-year-old woman who was also born without a portion of her arm. She also lives in Florida, and heard about a meetup group. The group is called “The Lucky Fin Project,” and they’re a group for people with limb differences. This is what their “About” page says: “The mission of the Lucky Fin Project is to celebrate, educate, support and unite families and individuals with limb differences.” She heard that the group was having a meeting, so she drove about 90 minutes to meet them. This is where she and Joseph met for the first time.

In the video, you can see Amy kneel down to Joseph. She offers a fist-bump to him, which he returned. Then, as if he just “knew” that they were the same, he goes in for a huge hug. It’s such a cute encounter, I just had to share the video. Amy says that it was her very first meetup, but that she’s “searched and prayed for that [her] whole life.” How cool that she was able to not only find the group, but have an experience like that her very first meet! See some more info here.

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