Tipping Flight Attendants May Soon Be A Thing

Right now the average flight attendant salary is $50,500-a-year. 

By Admin on January 9, 2019
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

One of the things people in other countries find crazy about the US is how many different occupations require tipping. This is just not a thing overseas.

That list of people you have to tip may be growing larger thanks to one airline.

Bloomberg reports, “Frontier Airlines, a pioneer in the tip-your-attendant department, used to split their tips on each flight. As of Jan. 1, however, Frontier’s 2,200 flight attendants no longer pool their gratuities. Now it’s every man and woman for themselves, and perhaps one beneficiary will be the harried airline passenger.”

The flight attendants union actually says they’re against the policy, they say instead, the airlines should pay higher salaries so tips aren’t necessary. 

Right now the average flight attendant salary is $50,500-a-year. 

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