Tiny Hamster Gets Tiny Ladder In Most Adorable Rescue Ever

After a hamster fell into a 3-foot deep pipe, a rescuer made a tiny ladder so that the hamster could climb out to safety.

By DAVID on November 20, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Anyone who’s ever had a pet hamster knows – they escape. You find them in weird places, like the linen closet, shoes, a glass in the cabinet (that happened once, still have no idea how), or any number of other places. This little guy though – he found himself at the bottom of a 3-foot pipe.

Jamie the hamster is a cute little explorer. His owners were out of town, so he was being watched by a family friend. Well, while at his temporary home, he escaped his cage. He was exploring around, and came across a pipe in the floor of a cabinet. Inside that large pipe were a couple other water pipes. The pipe goes down about 3-feet. Well, Jamie fell into that pipe, and got stuck at the bottom. No way for him to climb out of a slick, vertical pipe.

After 6 days, the people watching Jamie grew concerned (only 6 days, really?). They finally called in some experts to help rescue Jamie. They knew the hamster was alright though, since over the 6-day period, they were dropping food into the pipe. The people could hear Jamie eating the food, so they knew he was alive. When rescuer Alison Sparkes showed up, she got an idea. She cut, from an old piece of mesh, a tiny ladder. She fed the ladder down the pipe, and later that evening, Jamie emerged and probably wanted a glass of water. Check out some pictures here.

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