Those ‘Vintage’ Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Selling For Big Bucks

Those green ceramic Christmas trees our parents had when we were growing up are making a comeback, and they’re selling for big cash.

By DAVID on December 12, 2018
(Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

I say “vintage” with quotations because I had one growing up. It’s still at my mom’s house. I bet your family had one too, and if you still have it, it’s worth some big bucks.

You know the tree – it’s that green ceramic one. It has a lightbulb inside, and you can put those little colored plastic bulb-shaped pieces in the holes. They were colored but clear, so they light up in the different colors like a string of colored lights. The one my family has is probably missing a couple of those little bulbs, but I’m sure replacements can be found. I think it plays music too, which is even more rare. Anyway, they’re selling for big cash on eBay. They’re getting popular again (everything old is new again, right), and people are buying them up.

One of them just sold at auction for almost $650, plus the shipping fee ($130!). There are several auctions on eBay right now too, with many of them in the multi-hundred dollar range. I can’t believe some of the shipping prices, but I’m sure that’s rush shipping at this point since people want them for Christmas. See some more information over here.

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