This is Surprisingly the Most Popular Ice Cream in America | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on June 3, 2019

It’s NOT Vanilla.  The most searched ice cream in America is…Cookies & Cream! 

Our tastes are pretty diverse state by state! A new study from Workwise found Americans are fairly divided when it comes to their ice cream of choice.

In California, the most-Googled flavor was tutti frutti, a colorful confectionery containing various chopped and usually candied fruits while Arizona, is devoted to mango. D.C. favors the elegant stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate strips), and Michigan prefers a flavor of its own making: a red, blue, and yellow number called Superman.

Darik like Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato (cue Amanda’s Millennial eye roll) 

Amanda LOVES the good old fashioned Thrifty Birthday Cake ice cream at the Rite Aid on Pleasant Grove Blvd. 

Here’s the breakdown state by state:

What’s your favorite ice cream 

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