This Is Eerie – The Sky Above New York Turned Bright Blue At Night

The sky turned a bright-blue color last night in New York City, and people were speculating about alien attacks or the second coming.

By DAVID on December 28, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

I’m not talking about the clouds going away revealing the pretty blue daytime sky. I’m talking about a weird, strange, creepy bright neon-blue glow in the sky. It looked like something out of “Ghostbusters.”

The sky above New York City last night got a lot of chaos going on social media. People were speculating, freaking out, and panicking. Was the light due to an alien attack? Did Walter Peck shut down the protection grid and containment system again? There was no extraterrestrial attack, and proton packs were necessary. No nuclear waste leaked into the atmosphere either, which is a good thing. And so far as we know, nobody had to ask who they’re gonna call. The color was the result of an explosion at a power distribution facility. A power transformer blew up, which caused a fire.

But why is it blue, and not red or orange? Without getting too nerdy, err, I mean technical, it has to do with ionization. When electricity sparks through open air, it actually separates the air molecules. When the electrons recombine after separating, the blue-color light is emitted. Pretty cool stuff, if I do say so myself. Anyway, the fire was contained and power was totally restored after a brief outage in the area, including at Laguardia airport. See some more information over here.

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