This Couple Says They Accidentally Bought A Hotel On Their Honeymoon

By DAVID on October 12, 2018

There are a lot of accidents that can happen on a honeymoon, let’s just leave it there. But buying a hotel is not something I would have considered. This couple was at the bar, and after a few rounds they went home with a hotel.

Gina Lyons and Mark Lee are from London. They got married, and took their honeymoon in Sri Lanka. They found a great little “rustic” spot to call home for three weeks, and quickly made friends with many of the staff members there. They did all the things, swimming, hiking, and relaxing. They also did some drinking, which is what leads us into this story for today. Well, they took a bottle of rum down to the beach (with the bartender), and got to talking, err, drinking. Well, both really, since the bartender informed the couple that the lease was coming up on the hotel. After about 12 glasses of rum, they decided to go ahead and buy the place.

Usually when I’m drinking, I’ll just buy an extra serving of nachos or cheese fries, never a hotel. But, that’s what these two did, and apparently they did it on their first night. Buy the hotel, not that.. Ahem. The purchase price was £30,000, or just under $40,000 USD. They took over the lease and the hotel, and started renovating. THEN, they discovered they were pregnant, too! THey’re about a year in to ownership, and so far so good. See some more on their accidental purchase over here. What’s something you purchased after a few drinks?

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