These Printable Baby Yoda V-Day Cards Are Perfect For Your Valentine

These sweet and creative Star Wars-themed Valentines are literally perfect for anyone, especially if they’re obsessed with Baby Yoda…

By on February 11, 2020
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Your Valentine’s cards just got a whole lot cooler, thanks to Totally the Bomb!  If your Valentine is a Mandalorian fan or just obsessed with Baby Yoda, they are in for a sweet treat with these Baby Yoda Valentines. You will WOW your special someone with these cute little “Baby, Yoda One For Me” cards! Check out how cute they are below!

Adorable right?! It’s SUPER easy to print them out, the cards also include cut lines to ensure you cut them straight and neat for your Valentine. They print 4 to a page, click HERE and have fun making and giving out these adorable Baby Yoda Valentines!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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