Theaters Posting Disclaimers After ‘The Last Jedi’ Complaints

No…not the shirtless Adam Driver moment.

By Admin on December 27, 2017
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

You know THAT moment in Star Wars, no…not the shirtless Adam Driver moment…but that moment when everything goes silent for 10 seconds? Despite the fact that it is an obvious creative choice by the film’s director Rian Johnson. Apparently people are complaining about it.

So much so that a Facebook user noted a sign posted near the door at an AMC Theater.


Vulture adds, “It adds a tremendous amount of weight to one of the movie’s many emotional scenes, but some fans have apparently been interpreting it as a technical failure on the part of the theaters. The AMC chain, for example, has fielded enough complaints from patrons that they set up disclaimers at some cinemas. The note doesn’t tell theatergoers what happens, but it does give a timestamp of when it occurs in the run time, which kind of makes it a lame spoiler anyway since you know this totally unexpected thing is going to happen at some point.”

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