The Strangest New Foods You Can Try At The California State Fair

By on July 13, 2018
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The California State Fair opens today with a lot of weird, new things for you to eat! A lot of foods you loved from last year are back, like the lobster fries and the Krispy Kreme donut bacon burger. But, according to the Sacramento Bee there are a lot of weird, new foods you can try this year like

  1. Deep-fried cinnamon rolls ($6 at Sweet Cheeks)
  2. Pork chop on a stick ($7.75 at Finger Steaks and Fries)
  3. Bacon-wrapped zucchini ($6.50 at Bacon Habit)
  4. Cream cheese on a stick ($5 at Hot Dog on a Stick)
  5. Deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich ($5.75 at Finger Steaks and Fries or $6 at Maddy Moo’s)
  6. Octopus on a stick ($8.50 at Reno’s Fish & Chips)
  7. Krispy Kreme doughnut bacon burger ($12 at Stuffie’s Char Broiler)
  8. Churro-gelato sandwich ($10 at Fabe’s Churro and Gelato, also available with a doughnut bun)
  9. Catfish on a stick ($9.99 at Minnie’s Corn Bread House)
  10. Chocolate-covered bacon ($6.50 at Bacon Habit or $7 at Chocolate Covered Bacon Stand)
  11. Deep-fried Pop-Tart ($6 at Sweet Cheeks)
  12. Bucket of lobster fries ($16.95 at Sharky’s Fry King)
  13. Deep-fried watermelon ($10 at Cardinali Wood Fire Pizza)
  14. Shark taco ($6.75 at Reno’s Fish & Chips)
  15. Deep-fried Nutella ($8 at Sweet Cheeks)
  16. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-encrusted corn on the cob ($7 at The Corn Shack, also available in a cup)
  17. Cap’n Crunch-encrusted chicken sandwich ($9 at Stuffie’s Char Broiler)
  18. Churro between a halved maple bar and topped with ice cream, aka a “Churro Dog” ($12 at Fabe’s Churros and Gelato)
  19. Flaming Hot Cheetos-encrusted corn dog ($7 at Hog Daddy’s Grill)
  20. Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ($8 at Sweet Cheeks)

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