The Sacramento Kings Had Paradise High Teens At The Game Last Night

The Sacramento Kings hosted a bunch of the kids from Paradise High School at the game last night, and did what they could to give them a great evening.

By DAVID on December 13, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A big shout-out to The Kings who had a bunch of Paradise High School students at the game last night. The kids got a VIP treatment and got to hang out with some players, too.

The Kings wanted the kids to be able to get away from everything going on at the moment. They certainly did that, and they won the game, too, which made for an even more exciting experience for the kids. And in addition to just seeing the game, the Kings are working on an added bonus. They’re organizing a scrimmage match with the kids – they’re actually going to get to play basketball with the actual Kings. How cool!

The Kings have also been working to raise some money for the Paradise community, and were able to donate about $90,000 to help with fire relief. The fire destroyed nearly the entire town of Paradise, leaving only a few buildings and homes standing. 153,000 acres, nearly 14,000 homes, 86 deaths… Thank you to the Kings for what they did, I know it helped distract a lot of those kids from what happened, if even for the night. See more info over here.

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