The Neighborhood Nightmare That Turned Into A Christmas Attraction

After three months, her neighbors started complaining about an old chair sitting in her yard, but after a few Christmas decorations, it’s a town attraction.

By DAVID on December 18, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and whatever else there is for ways to get rid of things. This lady tried – she had this old chair she no longer wanted. So she listed it, and threw it in her front yard for someone to come claim.

Three months later, the chair still sat in her front yard. People started to complain, begging her to remove the chair and take it to the dump. Get rid of the thing any way she could. Then one day a figure appeared. No, it wasn’t someone with a pickup truck. It was a stuffed Rudolph onesie, perched on the chair like a relaxing person. Now it was decorated for Christmas.

Soon, people started stopping by the home to add some other touches. There’s a hat, someone placed an old TV in front. Someone else added a string of Christmas lights. Now it’s a community affair. She couldn’t give the chair away, but now people are giving away their old decorations to spruce the old chair up. The chair’s owner says that the chair will be going to the dump when Christmas is over, despite people not wanting her to get rid of it now. My, how the tables have turned! All it took was 3 months and a string of lights. See some more info on the chairmas story here.

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