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The Most ‘Wanted’ Secret Santa Gifts, Ranked

It’s Christmas, which means there’s probably a Secret Santa gift exchange you’re participating in, so we’ve done the research and found a list of the “best” gifts to look for.

Tis the season for office and family Secret Santa gift exchanges. Those things a lot of us dread, and usually re-gift something, or at the very least hit the dollar spot at Target. Ahem.

But, helpfully, there’s a list that this website published. And I couldn’t be more thrilled, since there’s a party tomorrow that I haven’t done anything at all for. If there’s one thing the internet is good for, it’s finding solutions to problems like these, am I right? Anyway, let’s get to some of the items on the list.

Glasses. “Here, I thought you’d like these glasses. I hope they’re the right prescription.” No, really, they came in the #40 spot on the list. Vitamins popped in the list at #34. A magazine subscription actually made the list too at #27. That’s a risky one, but if you know someone wants a specific one, it’s probably safe. Or, you can extend a subscription they already have. Coming in at #13 is a plant, so if someone has a green thumb, that’s probably a safe bet.

Let’s dive into the top-10 though. Coming in at #10 is bubble bath. #9 is perfume, which you also have to be careful with I think. Some people prefer certain scents over others, so unless you know specifically what they like, I’d probably stay away from that one. #8 is socks, which can be fun socks with animal prints or something. That’s a safe one. Also in the top-10 was candy, money (cash and gift card), candles, books, and of course, alcohol came in at #1.

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