The Important Reason You Might Want To Hold Onto Your Kids' Baby Teeth

By Marilyn Nelson on October 16, 2018

My mom saved mine, and I also saved my kids’ baby teeth. But that’s just because we are sentimental. However, those baby teeth could hold precious stem cells that could be potentially life saving.

Scientists and doctors are now encouraging us to hang onto our children’s baby teeth for the abundance of stem cells held within each tooth, according to DataHand. If your child is diagnosed with a certain disease, the stem cells in their baby teeth could potentially save their life, and they won’t have to wait for a suitable bone marrow donor to begin treatment.

The next time your child loses a tooth, instead of letting the Tooth Fairy take it back to Tooth Fairy HQ you may want to consider storing it at a place like the Tooth Bank. Organizations such as these specialize in storing baby teeth properly and safely for future use…at a price.

Any teeth that are pulled (including wisdom teeth) can be helpful later on. Next time your at the dentist ask them their thoughts on tooth banking.

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