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The Five Best Cheap International Cities to Retire In

Would you retire OVERSEAS to save money?

The magazine “International Living” looked at a bunch of tourist destinations where you can live comfortably on less than $30,000 a year.  Here are five exotic places where you can live on the cheap . . .

  1. Akumal, Mexico Two people can live there for just under $27,000 a year.  It’s an up-and-coming tourist spot, about 60 miles down the coast from Cancún.
  2. Lagos, Portugal . . . $25,000 a year.  It’s another beach city.  And it’s in Europe, so it’s easy to travel to other countries.
  3. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica . . . just over $24,000 a year.  It’s right on the beach and has a bunch of great restaurants.
  4. Medellín, Colombia  . . . $24,000 a year.  It’s Colombia’s second-biggest city.  So there’s lots to do, and it has over 30 universities.
  5. Volcán, Panama  . . . $18,000 a year.  The downside is it’s a mountain town in the middle of nowhere.  So you definitely need to know Spanish.  And it’s right next to an active volcano. 


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