The “Dad Bod” is everything this Father’s Day!

By Jackie Selby on June 14, 2019

DAD BOD:  “It’s not an overweight guy, but it isn’t one with washboard abs, either.”

Hear me now…

By it’s very definition, the Dad Bod is first and foremost a uniquely “dad” thing!  You know, “father” or “male parent to a child”.  Dad is the one who assumes responsibility for us, cares for us and about us.  He’s the man, man!  And I applaud the man who is dedicating his time to his family and his job responsibilities, because that TAKES TIME!

PLUS, 70% of us women prefer a man with a Dad Bod, because it indicates:

  1. *cuddle-ability
  2. *confidence
  3. *commitment to life balance

Thank you to my darling co-worker KJ Rigli for this pic!  KJ is the father of 3 small children (and another one on the way), a dedicated husband, and Digital Project Manager for our company.  Oh, and KJ enjoys perfecting delicious BBQ ribs.  

Jackie Selby 


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