“The Cookie Project” Needs Bakers & Drivers

Do a little good this holiday season, and carry that karma into the new year!

By Admin on December 20, 2019
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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and it activates the “do-gooder” side of my personality. I seek opportunities to give back, and feel like I try my hardest to be a better person this time of year.

Can you relate?

One Sacramento family has been giving back for almost a decade. Reddit user hipnerd posted:

Sacramento, we need your cookies!

For the past eight years, my family has organized people to bake cookies, package them into gift bags and deliver them to people who have to work on Christmas. We call it “The Cookie Project.” We especially focus on people working menial jobs: fast food employees, gas station attendants, It’s a great time and, for my kids, Christmas has now become about doing something for other people, rather than just getting presents for ourselves.

This Sunday is our annual “cookie exchange” where we gather all the cookies people have baked and package them up to be delivered on Christmas Day.

News 10 covered The Cookie Project back in 2012:

Here’s how you can help! hipnerd continues:

What we need:

  • Bakers. This our the biggest need. We can give away dozens of cookies at a single stop. There is no way that our delivery crew can make enough cookies to meet that demand. We need cookie donations and this is the time and place to donate.

  • Delivery drivers. If you have the time on Christmas Day, we’d love to have you join us delivering cookies. You can either tag along with us or form your own group. We do ask that you coordinate with us, just so we can avoid delivering to same areas. We want to spread the love around, rather than hitting the same place multiple times.

So stop by Empire’s Comics Vault this Sunday between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to drop off some cookies or talk to us about helping to deliver on Christmas. 

Do a little good this holiday season, and carry that karma into the new year! Merry Christmas!

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