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The Camp Fire Got Their Home, But It Didn’t Get The Engagement Ring

Nick Maes was planning to propose to his girlfriend next month, before the fire destroyed his family’s home, but the fire couldn’t destroy that ring.

Nick Maes grew up in this home with his family in Paradise. All his memories are here, everything he’s done has been in that house. He even planned to propose to his girlfriend before the fire came. The ring was in the house too.

During the Camp Fire, Nick and his family lost everything. Some charred remains of all his memories was on the property where he used to play. The stove that would heat the family room stood with nothing else around it. The metal roof of the backyard gazebo where the family used to sit, now on the ground. As Nick was walking through what used to be his parents’ home, he remembered the ring. He’s two years into his relationship, and planned to propose to his girlfriend next month. He’s had the ring for a little while, stored in his parent’s safe. He and his father were sifting through what used to be the bedroom, and found the safe.

The safe was badly burned, but there. The lock had melted off, so they had to use a crowbar and hammer to crack it open. Sure enough, they got the door popped off, and dumped out the contents of the safe. Coins, papers, mamories, all burned and charred. They were combing through the ashes when a slight reflection caught their eye. It was the ring, still mostly intact, albeit melted and a little out of round. Also, oddly, a bullet had melted around the ring as well. Sure it’s a little damaged, but Nick is taking it back to the store to have it repaired, and then he’s going to use that very ring to propose. See some more on Nick’s story and video of his home walk-through over here.

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