The Best Affordable Father’s Day Gifts Of 2015

Photo by: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Still stuck on what to get dad for Father’s Day (which is this Sunday!)? Well, fear no more! Below is a list of great, affordable gift ideas to get the man in your life for father’s day! Take a look below 🙂

1) JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $39.95

Got an outdoorsy dad who loves to listen to tunes? Get him the JBL bluetooth speaker that can be attached to his hiking backpack, and play music via bluetooth! Of course, they don’t have to be the outdoorsy kind either 🙂

2) Draw a Personalized Cup for Dad

Price: ~$10 to make one

Have the kids pick out a plain white mug for dad, then have them draw pictures on them for dad! Click here for instructions!

3) LG Electronics G Watch

Price: $140

Does dad need a smart watch, but you don’t have enough $$ to get him the iWatch? The LG G Watch is a great alternative to the pricey iWatch from apple. Of course, if you can splurge a little, definitely go for the iWatch if dad really wants it!

4) Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Price: $24.12

We’re pretty sure that dad hates warm beer just as much as the next person. Keep his beer cool to help dad keep his cool! Get him the 2-set Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller! You can stick these right into the beer bottle and are guaranteed to keep your beer cold!

5) Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Price: $32.27

Is that huge iPad not even big enough for your dad to see the screen? Get him the Google Chromecast so that he can stream his iPad, iPod, laptop, etc., to the TV!

6) Dollar Shave Club Membership

Price: $1-9/month

Don’t let dad ever shave with a dull razor again! You can buy him a membership to the Dollar Shave Club for as little as a $1 a month!