Terrifying ‘Us’ Becoming The Next ‘The Lost Boys’ For Santa Cruz

Some people say they will never look at Santa Cruz the same way again, while the Boardwalk is filled with people who came because of the movie.

By Marilyn Nelson on March 26, 2019
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The recently released horror movie ‘Us’ is bringing a lot of attention to Santa Cruz. Fans of the movie are being drawn to the famed boardwalk. However, some not so brave souls are canceling vacation plans. 

“Us,” uses Santa Cruz as the backdrop as a family vacationing in the coastal town is terrorized by a family of lookalikes. After seeing the movie some people are looking at Santa Cruz as an eerie destination instead of fun and sun.

According to KTVU, Jordon Peele’s thriller “was filmed over 8 days last year and brought about a million dollars to the local economy.
But Santa Cruz officials expect the real benefit will be long a long term boost to tourism.”

Kris Reyes of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk said, “…on the whole this is a really popular and positive thing for us.”

Just like ‘The Lost Boys’ – the classic vampire movie filmed around Santa Cruz in the 80’s – Santa Cruz officials expect to see ‘Us’ have a long lasting impact. Filmed in 1987, ‘The Lost Boys’ the Santa Cruz County Film Commission still offers maps for fans to visit areas where key scenes were filmed.

Santa Cruz officials believe ‘Us’ will have the same draw. They’re probably right. ‘Us’ just had the biggest ever for a horror movie. 

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