Taylor Swift Will Have ‘Rocket Sled’ On ‘Reputation’ Tour [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift just demonstrated an under-stage transport system she’s using on her “Reputation” tour called the “rocket sled.”

By DAVID on May 3, 2018
(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

A rocket sled sounds like an awesome way to have some fun, doesn’t it? Taylor Swift will get to experience that on her “Reputation” tour, and we’re a little jealous.

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Ok, so it’s a pretty standard under-stage transport method. It’s literally a sled that sits on a track, like a roller coaster car. She lays down on the “seat,” and a crew member hits the “go” button, and the sled sends Taylor to the other side of the stage. Taylor Swift is going all-out on this tour, and she previously said that her stages are huge. Like, 110-feet tall sort of huge. That’s why she needs the under-stage transport – just so she can get from one side to another quickly. Here’s a video of Taylor demonstrating the sled:

So it’s not actually “rocket” powered, that’s just what they call it. In her video, it seemed underwhelmingly slow, but we’re sure it was dialed-back a bit for the demonstration. This is the same sort of transport system that theater has been using for years – it’s just a quick and reliable way to transport crew members from place to place underneath the stage. It’s great for speed, or when it’s just a long distance that otherwise couldn’t be covered on foot quickly enough. It does look seriously fun though, and we can’t wait to see her show. Check out some more info here.

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