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STUDY: Where You Live Is Really Important On A First Date

Your living situation could be hurting your prospects!

Dating in 2018 is challenging, believe me…I have personal experience with this. The findings of this new study make it all the more difficult to make a love connection. The study finds that you are being judged, by that attractive new face across the table. Judged for where you live!

Here are some highlights:


1.  84% of women and 63% of men would stop dating someone if they lived with their parents.

2.  66% of women and 56% of men would end things if the other person lived in a ‘not safe’ part of town.

3.  47% of women and 34% of men would end things if your home isn’t as nice as theirs.

4.  30% of both women and men say they’d end things if you lived more than a half hour away from them, even if it’s in the same town.

5.  And 20% of women and 39% of men would break things off if you had a roommate.


And of you do manage to get that person home with you, the survey also found the things inside your place that are major turn-offs.

The top four are:  Guns, a mess , empty alcohol bottles on display and political paraphernalia. 

Women are also turned off by Disney paraphernalia, men seem to dislike hamsters and gerbils. 

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