New Study Finds ‘Selfitis’ May Be A Legitimate Mental Illness

While “selfitis” was part of a widespread hoax in 2014, it actually inspired researchers to look into its existence!

By austind03 on December 15, 2017
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Do you take a lot of selfies? Maybe six or more per day? If you answered yes, a new study claims you might have a real mental illness…

According to the Sacramento Bee, a recently published a study is examining the existence of “selfitis.”

While the term was part of a widespread hoax in 2014, the two psychologists behind this new research were inspired by the term to see if actually existed.

Surveying 400 students at an Indian management school, they asked questions like “What compels you to take selfies?” and “Do you feel addicted to taking selfies?”

They found that if taking a selfie fulfills your needs for things like self-confidence, mood modification, or attention seeking, you may be suffering from “selfitis.”

The researchers also outline the severity of the disorder in three levels. As described by the Sacramento Bee:

  • “Borderline – Taking selfies at least three times a day, but not necessarily posting them on social media
  • Acute – Taking selfies at least three times a day and posting every one of them on social media
  • Chronic – These are the selfie-takers who have an uncontrollable urge to point their phone at their face and post the selfies on social media more than six times per day”

Although the study’s population sampling had a greater focus on people younger than 25, it still “empirically validates” this as a potential disorder.

Do you think you might have “selfitis?” Let us know in the comments, and head right here to learn more!

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