Student Uses School’s Email Directory To Find The ‘Nicole’ He Met At A Bar

A college student met a Nicole at a bar but she gave him the wrong number, so he sent an email to all the Nicoles in the school directory to find her.

By DAVID on September 10, 2018
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Long version short, a college student named Carlos met a woman at a bar. That woman’s name is Nicole, and she apparently gave him the wrong number after he helped her and her friend home. So he did the logical and totally not creepy thing and e-mailed every Nicole in the school’s directory.

How it went down.

Carlos got the bold idea to email every Nicole on campus after he tried calling the number that she gave him. The number ended up being incorrect, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He emailed a total of 247 Nicoles (and their variation in spelling), and became a legend. The Nicoles included other students, professors, and even an associate graduate dean. Oops. Well, all the Nicoles that got emails started talking to each other in the email chain. One of the Nicoles even made a “Nicole from last night” Facebook group.

After the Nicoles all started to get together and message each other, the real Nicole was found. Ironically, she didn’t have an email address through the school and never received that mass email. The hashtag “Nicole from last night” started going around in the area. The real Nicole found the Nicole Facebook group and posted this message. One of the first Nicoles who started the group got in touch with that real Nicole, and found out that the wrong phone number really was an honest mistake. Nicole then got Nicole in touch with Carlos. Carlos says “We’re planning to hang out maybe next week… I really didn’t expect this to become a big thing.” Some people were creeped out, others thought it was romantic. What do you feel about it? Creepy or sweet? Source.

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