Student Steals Final Exam At Sac State But Gets Taken Down By Professor

The pressures of finals is enough to make you crazy! But this?

By Felicia Czochanski on December 15, 2017
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for ITI Data)

The pressures of finals is enough to make you crazy! But this?

Sacramento police were called to Sacramento State after reports of a student trying to steal a final exam. Police were called to Brighton Hall after getting reports someone had run into a classroom during a final test and stole a copy of the test from a student who was in the middle of the exam and ran off with it. The professor ran after the class and eventually took him down. Police say the student who stole the test had another student from that class waiting in a getaway car. After it was all over, the professor, Spiros Velianitis told the campus newspaper, “Either my exams are so popular that other students crash my tests or these exams are passed (or) sold to others.”

Another student in the class said he’d already taken the class and that the final wasn’t hard at all, saying it was simple multiple choice questions. Police say they will not recommend charges. Instead, the student’s punishment will be decided by the student council.

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