Student Athlete With Cerebral Palsy First To Be Awarded Nike Contract

By NathanG on October 12, 2018

A student at the University of Oregon has just been awarded a pro contract with Nike. Justin Gallegos, who has cerebral palsy, has become the first athlete with this disability to receive a contract with the sports brand.

According to ABC10, Gallegos had just finished a race when he was surprised with the good news.  John Traux, the Nike UX Insights director, delivered the news as cameras caught the touching moment on film. Gallegos’ inspirational video was then posted by Nike on October 6, in acknowledgment of cerebral palsy awareness day.

Gallegos proved his strength and determination last April, when he stunned audiences with his completion of the Eugene Half Marathon. The athlete was just shy of his goal of completing the run in under two hours, by a time of three minutes.

Gallegos, who was given specialized shoes by Nike for runners with disabilities, has been running cross country since high school and is currently on the University of Oregon’s club track and field team.

To read more about Justin and his inspiring story, click here.

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