Stray Dog Steals A Slice Of Pizza, Leads Rescuers To Her Puppies

A stray dog in Palo Alto came up to some people eating a pizza and stole a slice to feed herself and her puppies.

By on June 11, 2018
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

We’ve all seen New York’s Pizza Rat, and his new pal Avocado Squirrel (yeah we feel ridiculous for even typing that). Now, Palo Alto is getting in on the stray animal game (we know, not really a game) with Pizza Pups. Some friends were out enjoying some pizza when a stray dog came up to them and stole a slice of pizza.

The friends actually grew a little concerned about the dog who looked hungry and uncared for. They got in touch with the SPCA and had someone come out. They were able to track the dog back to where she was taking the pizza, and discovered another surprise. 6 surprises, actually – there were 6 adorable little 1-week-old puppies. Communications Manager Buffy Tarbox of the SPCA out there says “This poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies.”

Mama dog and her puppies were all put in the care of a foster parent, and are available for adoption now that they’re old enough. Mama dog did a fine job of taking care of the pups, and they’re all doing well. They’ve been named, by the way, after the Royal family. Queen Elizabeth is the mother dog, and the puppies are named William, Harry, Duchess Kate, Lady Di, Charlotte, and Meghan. Check out more info on the story and adoption info over here.

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