Startup Company Will Quit Your Job For You, For A Fee

This new company in Japan works on a for-hire basis, and they’ll quit your job for you, so you don’t have to be bothered to do it yourself.

By on August 29, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In a nutshell, you pay this company to quit your job for you. It’s a service they offer. It seems like an ok idea in practice, but are we really that anti-social or confrontation-fearing of a society these days?

It’s a company that started in Japan, and they’re called “Exit.” Like the name implies, they will “exit” your job for you. If you’re working and hate your job or career and don’t want to talk directly to your boss about it, they’ll do it for you. Co-founder Toshiyuki Niino says “Quitting jobs can be a soul-crushing hassle. We’re here to provide a sense of relief by taking on that burden.” For about $450, they’ll deliver the message for you, but you’re still responsible for severance negotiations and all that paperwork.

Now, the working culture is very different in Japan than it is here in the US. In Japan, working 40 hours in a week is looked down upon. A lot of workers are putting in 60 or 80 hours per week. They’re expected to reach tight, ultra tight deadlines, quotas, and numbers. When they don’t, there’s a feeling of shame, like they single-handedly let down the entire company. I’m not defending that, that’s just sort of how a lot of jobs are over there. I can understand how it would be difficult to face your boss to let him or her know you’re quitting. Also in some cases, the “client” simply got a better paying job. Perhaps they just didn’t want to “deal with” quitting.

But still – shouldn’t we be able to go into our boss’s office and tell them where to stick it? These days, in the social media and cell-phone generation, social skills are lacking. It’s not subtle, either. Kids don’t have manners, they don’t know how to talk to their elders. There are no pleasantries like when we were growing up. Maybe rather than paying someone to break up with a job for us, maybe we should start learning how to have professional conversations.

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