Southwest Will Soon Fly To Hawaii

We can’t WAIT!!

By Sarah Kuta on October 13, 2017

Wanna get away to Hawaii? You will soon be able to book a cheaper flight on Southwest! The airline announced on Wednesday it is working to offer flights to Hawaii starting next year. The airline hadn’t offered flights to the Hawaiian islands previously, because the route was beyond its flight range. But, Southwest will become the first carrier to begin using the new Boeing 737 Max, which has a longer range. Southwest is just waiting on FAA approval of the new planes, which they need to add routes to Hawaii. Once they get the approval, Southwest plans to start booking flights to the Hawaiian Islands next year. And, that could be good for everyone in what’s known as the Southwest Effect. What’s that? Well, usually when Southwest announces new routes, they offer it at a lower price than competitors, which drives down prices all around.

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