Southwest To Feature Live Music In-Flight

Your next Southwest flight may have a surprise live performance.

By Doug Lazy on October 31, 2017
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Southwest and Warner Music Nashville (WMN) are expanding their partnership for the Live at 35 in-air concert series. In other words, live pop-up shows in-flight.

This concept was initially launched by Southwest in 2011 as an experiment. Alyssa Eliasen, a press representative for Southwest, told International Business Times:

“Southwest’s Live at 35 concert series remains the same as it has since 2011. We will look to partner with Warner Music Nashville artists, along with artists from a variety of relationships, for our ongoing Live at 35 series. The performances will remain as a surprise and delight event for our Customers on select flights throughout the year.”

The new feature was officially introduced on Sunday with a performance by Devin Dawson.

The reactions from people on Twitter have been mixed – there are some positive reactions, but it seems many are also hoping they’re not on one of the randomly selected live music flights.

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