South Lake Tahoe Will Have Strict Fines On Beach Visitors This Weekend

South Lake Tahoe is enforcing strict stay-at-home orders for Memorial Day weekend, with the potential of big fines being handed out.

By NathanG on May 22, 2020
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The city of South Lake Tahoe is telling visitors to the beach to stay away this weekend. Tourists coming for Memorial Day will face strict fines if caught on the beach.

According to Good Day Sacramento, South Lake Tahoe’s chief of police stated plainly: “Don’t come”, to visitors thinking of coming to the beaches. “We really want people to enjoy their Memorial Day weekend at their home where they live, with their families, not in Tahoe this time, unfortunately,” Stevenson continued.

In April, the city of South Lake Tahoe passed an ordinance allowing police to fine violators of the travel ban $1,000. Reportedly, the police have issued only five citations in total so far — two to hotels, two to vacation home rentals, and one to a bar. This Memorial Day weekend, police are informing visitors that they could issue more violations, but education is their priority. “The police department is not stopping cars, we are not asking people where they’re coming from,” Stevenson explained.

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

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