Someone Is Suing Publishers Clearing House

Someone is taking Publishers Clearing House to court, claiming they’re targeting elderly people with deceptive “buy-to-win” tactics.

By DAVID on April 23, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Talk about being mad that they never got picked to win – someone is suing the sweepstakes organization, claiming that they’re just tricking people into winning. It’s a substantial lawsuit too.

Look, you and I both know that our chances of actually winning anything from Publishers Clearing House are none to less-than none, and apparently someone is taking to the court system to prove PCH wrong. The claim is saying that PCH is basically manipulating “the elderly” and tricking them into buying a bunch of products out of the Publishers Clearing House merchandise book. The claim goes so far as to say that PCH is making people believe that the more you buy – the higher your chances of winning anything.

Here’s the kicker – PCH has been busted for this already, several times. In 2000 ($18 Million settlement), 2001 $34 million settlement), & 2010 ($3.5 million settlement). ALSO, the U.S. Senate has been investigating them since 2015 – all for similar situations and claims. Ouch. Check out some more info on the PCH Lawsuits here. Do you know anyone who’s actually won anything from PCH? Some elderly people can be easily tricked into things, and there are more laws coming into play to protect older people from deceptive practices like this. It really sounds like PCH has a shady past if all those allegations are true, and this might be the whistle blower to make some big changes..

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