Someone Installed Vending Machines That Dispense Drug Paraphernalia

Someone installed pen vending machines around a community which were dispensing crack pipes rather than writing instruments.

By DAVID on September 11, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It’s your standard sort of quarter machine you’d see at the shopping mall or in a school. Drop in some quarters, push the lever, and a pencil or pen comes out. We had them at my school growing up. You could get a mechanical pencil, a pen, or a pack of notebook paper. These were dispensing crack pipes.

They were mysteriously installed around a community in Brookhaven, NY (Long Island). Three of the machines popped up around the area, usually near bus stops and other high-traffic areas. The machines look like the regular old dispenser machines for pens. You put your money in and out comes a pen. This pen though was actually a sort of “kit.” You open the tube, and out come the pieces you would need to assemble the kit.

Once assembled, the pieces make what residents are calling crack pipes. There’s a glass pipe piece, a filter, basically everything needed to make a pipe that resembles a pen. You can see the problem with this, obviously. When the machines first arrived, residents assumed they were for the first day of school, which started recently. After a few days, social media in the area started posting pictures, and the real story was out.

Nobody knows who installed the machines. There’s a phone number scribbled on the back, but it goes nowhere. The machines were even concreted into the ground. It’s a full mystery, and it makes us wonder if it was some elaborate prank, or if whoever stocked the machines found a bad ebay listing for bulk pens, and just didn’t know what they were loading. Here’s some more information on the story. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen to come out of a vending machine?

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