Someone Finally Figured Out Where All Your Missing Socks Are Going

By on April 30, 2018
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

We all need to say a big THANK YOU to Twitter. Because without Twitter this picture would not have gone viral and we would not know the answer to the decades-old question, “Where do all our socks go?” It’s like we put them in the washer and then the dryer and then we’re almost ALWAYS missing ONE sock.

Well, now we know WHERE it’s going. At least if you have an older machine. The picture shows what happened when a landlord removed a bottom panel from one of the washing machines in her building. Apparently there is a hidden compartment down there and it was PACKED with socks!! So, it’s very possible you are NOT crazy and that yoru missing socks are trapped in your washing machine. Unless you have a newer machine. Apparently those are made a little tighter, so there isn’t space for things to fall through.

Now if Twitter could only help us find our lost hair ties!



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