SoCal Sheriff's Deputy Gives Elderly Woman The Extra Push She Needed

By Admin on October 8, 2018

A Southern California deputy is getting a lot of attention for going above and beyond to help an elderly woman. Lancaster Sheriff’s Deputies Chapman and Montanez were responding to a call about a hazard in the road when they discovered an elderly woman in her motorized wheelchair that had lost power. The deputies offered her a ride home, but she didn’t want to leave her scooter behind, because it is her only mode of transportation and it was too big to fit in the car. ‘s her only means of getting around. Unfortunately, the scooter was too big to fit in the police car. Well, Deputy Montanez didn’t just leave it at that. He got out of the patrol car and pushed the woman about a mile, all the way to her home in her motorized scooter. Wow. How awesome.


Montanez pushing wheelchair

Deputies Chapman and Montanez received a call of a traffic hazard, a wheelchair in the middle of the road. When they arrived, they did find the wheelchair on the side of the road, but with an elderly female sitting in it!Her motorized wheelchair had run out of power and she was stranded. Deputies Chapman and Montanez quickly offered her a ride home, but she was very upset about leaving her only means of mobility behind. The wheelchair, being quite heavy and unable to fold because of the battery pack, did not fit in their patrol vehicle. That's when Deputy Montanez stepped up. He decided he would push the wheelchair to her home, about one mile, in full uniform and boots. Deputy Chapman teased him about his "slow" pace and you can hear our eldelry friend getting a good laugh out of it!We are so incredibly grateful to all of our deputies for the work they do on a daily basis. My hero wears a badge.#LASD #AV411 #soundon #workoutoftheday #myherowearsabadgeLos Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Posted by Lancaster Sheriff's Station on Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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