'Slam' Poet Accused Of Trying To Steal Her Neighbor's Home

By DAVID on October 17, 2018

You did not mis-read that title, she’s accused of actually trying to steal her neighbor’s home. How does one steal a home? Well, there’s a convenient section in your county paperwork office that can help you do just that, assuming everyone involved doesn’t pay attention to anything.

Slam poetry is irrelevant to the story, but it’s just interesting. Back to this whole home stealing thing. Dominique Christina Johnson is the poet in question, and she’s facing 7 felony charges. Those are the big ones, and she’s got 7 coming her way, probably. So, basically a couple bribery charges, faking documents, trespassing, and a couple other things. The home in question belongs to her neighbors, two sisters who travel out of the country a lot. Their brother came to the home to check on it one day. That’s when he saw someone living in the house who didn’t belong.

Long story short, Dominique had forged a “quitclaim” deed document. That’s what you would use if you were transferring property within your own family, for example. Anyway, the homeowners called the police, and they showed up. But Dominique showed police copies of the forged paperwork, and they said it was more of a civil dispute, rather than criminal. Dominique said they had given her the property after she spent time cleaning it up. She even provided a “before” photo of the house, which was later determined to be from the TV show “Hoarders.” lol. There’s a lot more information here. The bottom line is that she was caught, and the sisters still have their home, but it was a close call.

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