SipCaddy Makes It Easy To Enjoy Wine In The Shower


By Doug Lazy on October 18, 2017
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

I’ve heard of a shower beer… but drinking while bathing is apparently a big enough thing there are company’s trying to make it even more convenient for you! And, we’re not even just talking about drinks!

Amazon is selling the  SipCaddy, which is basically a wine glass holder with a suction cup. For real! They even have them to fit your Champagne flute if you’re feeling all fancy pants in the shower or bath. If you’re worried about mixing glass in the bath, the holders are pretty durable, holding up to 7 lbs. (Although, I more worry about the suction coming off. I either buy cheap stuff or need a crash course in making suction cup things stick to the wall).

And, if you get the munchies, look no further than SipCaddy. You can use their product to hold everything from dipping sauce and hors d’oeuvres and pizza! PIZZA!!!?

Wow! Life goals. This working mom has ZERO time for a bath, let alone to prep food for the bath and time it all so the food and bath are still hot!







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