Rusty Keys

Weekdays | 6:00am - 10am

Let’s start with the name! Rusty Keys…sounds like a made-up radio name…it’s not. Rusty Keys is my real name. I guess my parents knew I would end up in radio or they had a great sense of humor!!! And if you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Get the Heck out Dodge,’ I did that too!! Born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas! 

I’m a girl dad with two daughters! Yes…They are amazing. Yes…They are wonderful!! And for Terri and I, Sacramento holds a special place in our hearts! Both of our girls joined our family through the miracle of adoption and our oldest daughter was born at Mercy San Juan!! 

I’m also a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan! Don’t hold it against me! I love to ski, and I play guitar…I don’t play guitar well, but I keep trying! Thanks for joining me to wake up your mornings from 6:00 to 10am with MIX 96!