Shocking Ad Pulled From YouTube For Being Too Scary [VIDEO]

YouTube pulled an advertisement off their website for being too shocking and scary to audiences.

By on August 15, 2018
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

A six-second advertisement for the upcoming horror movie, The Nun, was pulled from YouTube for reportedly being too scary and disturbing. The ad was featured before a variety of different videos on the video streaming platform, until YouTube eventually took it down.

According to Nylon, the ad begins with a black screen before a suspicious computer volume counter appears and starts fluctuating the volume. Then, a ghostly nun, befitting of the movie title, suddenly appears on the screen along with a loud, horror movie scream.

Apparently, the advertisement worked a little too well at spooking audiences, as many posts went viral on social media that warned against the surprise, jump-scare ad. YouTube seemed to agree, as they responded to these posts by announcing the ad had been pulled from circulation on their site. Nylon reports that YouTube released a statement, saying that the ad went against their “violent and shocking content in ads” policy. YouTube stated that these policies are in place to ensure that no users are shocked and offended by websites or companies that employ these advertising practices and conflict with YouTube’s ad network.

The marketing team for The Nun most likely sees this as a huge success, however. With both the ad and audience reactions going viral, promotion for this fifth film in The Conjuring series has surely exceeded expectations. The film is set to release on September 7.

For those brave enough to watch the ad, you can watch a re-upload here. (Fair warning: jump-scare)

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