Semi-Truck Carrying Eight Tigers Crashes In Michigan

A truck full of tigers (which sounds kind of awesome) crashed in Michigan last night (which sounds a lot scarier than it really was).

By DAVID on May 15, 2018
(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

You’re driving a big rig, loaded with 8 bengal tigers. It’s storming, heavy rain. You start to hydroplane and head into the median of the freeway. What’s your first thought?

That happened to this poor guy in Michigan last night. He was transporting some tigers, 8 of them. They were heading to New York for a circus (they own the tigers). It was raining, and the truck started to hydroplane across the standing water on the freeway. The cab of the truck turned around, but the trailer kept going forward. Now the man was sitting in his truck full of tigers, jackknifed in the center median of the freeway. Luckily, none of the tigers escaped. Also, we’re happy to report that none of the tigers were injured, luckily.

The other interesting part of the story involves the officers en-route to the crash. They didn’t know what they were heading towards until they were on the way. Actually, when they were driving there they only found out that the truck was “carrying animals.” It wasn’t until they actually arrived on scene that they found out exactly what sort of animal. That’s some pretty vital information that we feel should have been disclosed to those officers ahead of time. It reminds me of that scene in the second Jurassic Park movie (The Lost World) when the T-Rex is in San Diego. In one of the scenes, you see one of those animal control trucks pull up to the feet of the dinosaur before turning and speeding away.

Anyway, obscure reference but it made me laugh. Check out some more info on the story here.

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