Have You Seen The ‘Upside Down’ Bikini Trend?

Another week, another bikini trend – this one involves wearing your bikini top tied together in front, which is just begging for a disaster.

By DAVID on June 29, 2018
(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

First is was the facekini, the whole-head cover to prevent sunburns. Now we’ve got upside-down bikinis? It’s a regular bikini on the bottom, because having that part upside down would just be…. Disastrous. It’s the top that’s upside down.

So, conventionally, the bikini top flares out which shows the top of a woman’s cleavage. The bottom is usually closed-together (or at least closer together). Then the bottom is joined together with a strap, which helps provide security and support. But the upside down biki is, well, the exact opposite. It’s closed on top, and open on the bottom. So it shows “underboob” cleavage. I would image that it probably feels a little more “free” on bottom, But that might actually turn out to be them really being free. Here’s a picture of one.

So really, you don’t even have to buy a special bikini. They say that you can do this with your regular bikini tops that you probably already have. “The wearer simply ties a knot at the top of their chest with the halter straps and separates the ‘triangle’ portion of the material more than usual,” says Daily Mail. You’re literally just tying your straps together on top of your breasts. This is really concerning, because, well, obvious reasons.

Some critics of the style are giving the obvious reasons as to why it likely won’t work very well. One woman said “My boobs would fall into the hole.” Another added “possibly the stupidest thing I’ve seen all day… it’s absolutely ridiculous.” See some more info for yourself over here. Would you do this? Have you done it? Could you do it?

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