Scientists Have Finally Made A Pill Robot You Swallow For Good Health

A medical diagnosing robot-pill is in the testing phase, and it promises an inside look at the body, useful for diagnosing ailments and even administering medicine.

By DAVID on December 14, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

They’ve done it – they made a tiny robotic pill that we can swallow. It’s equipped with sensors and can even deliver medicine within the body. The pill is in the testing phase, which means they’re close to having this thing pretty much fully functional.

It’s really no bigger than some regular medicine you might be taking already. It looks to be about an inch long, maybe slightly bigger. A solid gulp of water and you’d never even notice the thing. A spoonful of sugar? We probably don’t recommend that any more, but still. The pill-bot (that’s what I’m calling it) can be controlled from outside the body via regular Bluetooth wireless. The range is short, just a couple feet, which is good for security concerns.

It was developed at MIT, and was backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its purpose would be for those who have to follow a very specific medication routine, or for those who may have a compromised or sensitive immune system. There are also theories and further development opportunities. One such idea is that the pill would actually be able to perform controlled surgeries once inside. It’s really fascinating, and a great way to use available technology to a great advantage. See more info on the pill-bot here.

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